Starting Up

At das Studio we require all new clients to undertake an initial consultation during which time we get to know each other, introduce or review fundamental principles in order to determine your needs and then discuss the best class option for you. You will start doing Pilates straight away while we guide you through a series of exercises both on the mat and apparatus such as the Reformer.


If you have done Pilates before we would still require this first consultation session so that you can have a chance to become orientated with the studio systems, style and structures. Please feel free to call or email with further queries or make a time to visit.


What to wear.

Comfortable work out gear, not too loose or baggy so we can ascertain how your body is moving, check your alignment and assess muscle recruitment patterns. Das Studio Pilates requires all clients to bring a clean pair of socks to wear during class.



das Studio Pilates accepts cash, cheque and has EFTPOS facilities.



das studio has separate toilet, change and storage facilities. Clients can relax in the reception area while waiting for a class.

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