About Us

At Das Studio Pilates we present a range of classes and times to suit individual needs, budgets and availability. We offer passionate, qualified and quality teaching in a nurturing and friendly environment. Our light, bright and spacious Fitzroy studio features a full range of equipment and apparatus including Reformer, Barrel, Ped-a-Pole, Cadillac and Wunda Chair. Here is the pdf of the 2016 timetable. 


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Check out the das Studio Pilates 2017 Calendar featuring 12 of our dedicated male clients. Proceed of sales go to Parkinson's research

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At Das Studio Pilates we want you to

* Love and look forward to your Pilates sessions

* Enjoy the facilities of the studio and the company of the other clients

* Benefit from the attention, care and experience of the instructor


And to

* Be able to focus and concentrate on the Pilates repertoire

* Enjoy the flow of movement,

* The releasing and lengthening of your muscles,

* The time and space to breathe and center 

* The range and challenge of the work.

* The control and mindfulness that it will afford your physical well-being.


INSTRUCTORS Alex Andrews, Chloe Chignall, Erin Cook, Laurinda Croft, Sam Deasy, Holly Durant, Bianca Evans, Vrinda Fernando, Lissie Fiddian, Emma Kate Hitchcock, Elizabeth Lee, Kasia Lynch, Beth McCann, Helen Saniga


Das Studio director, Helen Saniga has been practising Pilates since 1999. In 2004 she completed APMA certification at Origin Pilates in Prahran. She taught at Aligned For Life studio at the VCA in Southbank until the end of 2005. She is currently undertaking a Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction at Aligned for Life in Melbourne. Helen has been an art teacher, curator, life model, dancer and most recently restaurateur, having owned and operated Nudel Bar in Bourke Street since its inception in 1995. Since selling her business in 2008 she has been teaching at Fitzroy Pilates Studio. She now brings all of these experiences together in das Studio Pilates.

Helen Saniga das Studio Pilates